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What is OatGrain-InnovationS ?

OatGrain-InnovationS or short OGIS is an inventor bureau located in Ottobrunn, nearby Munich in  Germany. OGIS works both on his own inventions and also makes versatile customer driven inventions.

What does OGIS stand for ?

OGIS is an abbreviation for OatGrain-InnovationS

How old is OGIS ?

The Inventor Bureau OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS was founded in 2015.

Where is OGIS located ?

OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS is located in Ottobrunn, nearby Munich, Germany.  See this link or have a look at  WAY to OGIS

What is the main goal of OGIS ?

The business of OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS are all kind of IP (intellectual properties) like industrial and design patents,  registerd designs and copyrighted material.

So OGIS works on and with the full range of IP with inventions, any kind of designs and arts like paintings /  drawings and music.

In what kind of inventions is OGIS involved ?

OGIS is a a versatile oriented inventor bureau.

Primarily we work at our own inventions, but on request of customers we also work  on innovative solutions of external technical problems of all kind.

What is IP ?

IP is short for Intellectual Property.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP) is everything that is protected by copyright, by  design-protection or by patents. It may be arts like lyrics, music, drawings or paintings  a protectable design is or an invention that is protectable via a patent.

You have a demand for a technical solution of a problem hard to solve ?

You identified a technical problem that is worthy to solve?
Feel free to contact OGISS, as customer related developments are possible, too. (see below!)

What about customer driven  inventions?

OGIS does customer related developments,  too. After establishing a contact we can exchange about your targeted problem. Likewise via a NDA.

You have an idea for a  great invention ?

Feel free to contact OGIS OatGrain-Innovation.

And if suitable OGIS can confidentially support you on your way to your IP protection like industrial pattern, registered design or simple copyright protection. 

You need a NDA  to protect your idea ? 

After assuring that no thematic collision with any internal OGIS project occurs, OGIS can confidently counsel you. On request OGIS can support you in the development process.

A NDA is no problem.

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