[OGIS] OatGrain-InnovationS
Inventions and IP for the 21st Century

Business Domain:  

Versatile Inventions

All kind of Technical innovations are steering the  future of our planet.

 OGIS Driven Inventions

The main goal of OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS is inventing. We work at a set of own inventions in parallel.

Customer triggered Inventions

Besides own inventions we also make cutomer-driven inventions.

OGIS can also develop innovative, inventive Solutions for technical Problems on behalf of a customer.

Inventive-Ideas of Third Parties

You have an idea for an invention you think it night have a great Inventive potential.

Contact OGIS and talk to us. After a first description we can talk about it likewise using a NDA.

We also counsel foreign third party inventive-ideas.