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Inventions and IP for the 21st Century

OGIS' Products & Business-Domains

 Versatile Inventions


OGIS Driven inventions

The main goal of OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS is inventing. We work at a set of OGIS driven inventions.

Customer Driven Inventions

Besides own inventions we also make cutomer-driven inventions.

Third party Inventive-Ideas

Counseling foreign third party inventive-ideas.

OGIS' Inventions


Commercialization of Artists

OGIS' supported ARTISTs

Commercialization of copyrightable material of artists

We promote the artists

  • EN+OGIS+Leo.Robusto+TheBlueLine+Kitten-Don't-Be-Afraid+450x450
  • EN+OGIS+Leo.Robusto+TheBlueLine+I-Ride-My-Bicycle+450x450
  • EN+OGIS+Leo.Robusto+TheBlueLine+The-Funny-Insect-450x450+labelled
  • EN+OGIS+Leo.Robusto+TheBlueLine+Water-rave-II+450x450-labelled
  • EN+OGIS+Leo.Robusto+TheBlueLine+Designer-Lamp+450x450-labelled
  • EN+OGIS+Leo.Robusto+TheBlueLine+Yellow-Swan-Wants-To-Fly+450x450

and the artist


  • EN+OGIS+Do.Haf+Flying-Girl+450x450
  • EN+OGIS+Do.Haf+Medusa+450x450
  • EN+OGIS+Do.Haf+Edge-of-a-Forrest-450x450
  • EN+OGIS+Do.Haf+Computer-image+450x450


Sound Design

A business domain of OGIS is Design and Mixing of Spatial Audio content, using [FHSp] - Freefield & Headphone Spatialization.

[FHSp] - FreeField & Headphone Spatialization

The Spatial Mixer [FHsp]® allows Design of Spatial Audio.

The [FHSp]® Software toolchain allows the preparation of a several time-synchronous audio channels with the goal to produce a spatial listening-impression with selectable listening-localisations. It can "arrange" the listening position  in the

[FHSp]/Sp² - Spectral-Spatial-MIX

Coupling the Spectral (tonal or pitch) properties of the music with a spatial direction  gives the spectral-spatial mix of [FHSp]/Sp² .
The spectral information (e.g. "musical note over the octaves") is linked to the spatial location.

for the FIRST TIME it is possible to COUPLE:

1 musical pitch <==> 1 direction

OGIS' Sound-Design