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Sound Design

[FHSp] - Freefield & Headphone Spatialization


The idea of the Spatial Audio-Mixer [FHSp] is to generate a selectable Hering event direction. [FHSp]® takes one or several time-synchronous audio tracks and processes in a spatial-mixed to a audio output signal for surround (free field) or headphone.

[FHSp]® is a software toolchain for  mastering audio material that allows to arrange the receipted listening location in the horizontal plane. It produces different sets of audio outputs for binaural-headphones or for the different surround-audio setups (see below). These can be played using no extravagant hardware, only a surround audio device is necessary.

Effects like doppler-effects are available, too.

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[FHSp]/Sp²  - Spectral-Spatial MIX

The method "Spectral-Spatial MIX.” extracts musical information from a source (e.g. the played note), and takes this information to add spatial information to the source itself and mixes a spatial signal to a final output audio signal.

It is a fresh and  innovative way to create  surround audio content.

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