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[FHSp]® - Freefield & Headphone  Spatialization



Hearing Event 

In psychoacoustics a Hearing Event is called the perceived event, which stays in opposite to the Physical Event, that is called Sound-Event.

Hearing Event Direction

The perceived direction of an auditory event is called the Hearing Event Direction .

This may vary from the direction of he "physical" sound event.

Demo Material

Demo material can be provided on request.


The Idea behind [FHSp]®

The idea of the Spatial Audio-Mixer [FHSp] is to generate a selectable Hering event direction. [FHSp]® takes one or several time-synchronous audio tracks and processes in a spatial-mixed to a audio output signal for surround (free field) or headphone.

[FHSp]® is a software toolchain for  mastering audio material that allows to arrange the receipted listening location in the horizontal plane. It produces different sets of audio outputs for binaural-headphones or for the different surround-audio setups (see below). These can be played using no extra hardware. 

Effects like the doppler-effects are available, too.

Description of [FHSp]®

The human auditory system can localize one or several sound sources very intuitively. The related Spatial audio content is needed in the wide field of multimedia, music-production and tele-communication.

The [FHSp]® Software toolchain allows the preparation of a several time-synchronous audio channels with the goal to produce a spatial listening-impression with selectable listening-localisations. It can "arrange" the listening position  in the horizontal plane.  

[FHSp]® produces spatial audio material to be listened with binaural headphones and another material for Surround Audio speakers (4.0, 5.1, 11.x) . Both fixed source positions and circular-motion of the audio-sources around the head are possible. Linear-motion of the audio sources relative to the listener (like doppler-effects) can also be provided.

Compared to STEREO audio content, which provides only left-right panning. The front/rear direction  is not represented the classic STEREO technology.

[FHSp]® Playback

The Tool-Chain [FHSp] allows for any track of a time- synchronous Audio content  produce audio media to be played via

  • Stereo-Headphones („headphones“ with front/behind listening experience)
  • Surround Speaker („Freefield“) - as e.g. Surround 5.1, 7.x or 11.x; 4.x
  • Stereo-Speaker, (with “reduced spatial effect” is also provided )

It is possible to produce fixed positions as well as motions of the spatial located source. Standard audio files are used.

Audio Content for Headphones

Content produced with [FHSp]® can also position each single audio channel at any position around the head in the horizontal plane. Al positions front/front-left is also possible as rear/rear-right. As it is based on multi-track audio master-material, the manipulation of  the spatial-configuration happens after the recording e.g. in post-production  This makes the difference to other spatial audio techniques like  dummy-head-microphone recording.

Audio Content for Surround-Audio

Certainly [FHSp]® can produce spatial audio content can be produced to be listened with binaural headphones and via Surround speaker systems (4.0, 5.x, 7.x, 11.x)

Advantages of [FHSp]®

  • Besides A standard Surround audio player  (4.0 / 5.1 /  7.1), no extra Multimedia-Hardware is required.to play the mixed material 
  •  No expensive license fees are necessary
  •  [FHSp]®  is capable of producing live audio output using regular PC-Hardware.
  •  It   runs both on Windows and Linux.