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Business-Goals of OatGrain-InnovationS

"Generating, Developing and  Commercialization of Intellectual Properties of All Kind"

"Make this a better world."


Business Domains

Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most important issues in this century. Without inventions or innovative  solutions many problems will not be solvable on our planet.

The inventor bureau OatGrain-InnovationS (OGIS) wants to generate, develop and to commercialize intellectual property.

Business targets are

  • inventions created by OGIS
  • inventions on the behalf of customer
  • good inventive ideas from 3rd parties

as well as the commercialization of copyrighted material like  

  • design of Arts or
  • like Musical Sound Design.

Learn more about products & business domains of OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS . 

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Technical Inventions are steering our future

OGIS' Own Inventions

OGIS is primarily developing its own inventions.

Inventions on Behalf of Customers

OGIS can also develop on behalf of a customer innovative and inventive Solutions for technical Problems

Foreign Ideas for Inventions

You have an idea for an invention you think it night have a great Inventive potential.

Contact OGIS and talk to us.  After a first description we can talk about it likewise using a NDA.


Learn more bout the inventive know how of OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS.


Commercialization of Copyrighted Material

OGIS also cares about commercialization of copyrighted material. 


We help to  commercialize Arts. 

We support these artists:

Artists at OGIS

Learn more about artists at  OGIS


Members of OatGrain-InnovationS have published  several times.

Public Talks

Here you can find some public Talks

  • about Modern  C++

Public Printmedia

Here you can find some publications of OGIS / OatGrain-InnovationS

  • about Spatial Audio and
  • about Semantic Web/ Linked Data
Publications at OGIS

Learn more about our publications of OGIS


Sound Design


[FHSp]® - Freefield & Headphone Spatialization

The Spatial Mixer [FHsp]® allows Design of Spatial Audio.

The [FHSp]® Software toolchain allows the preparation of a several time-synchronous audio channels with the goal to produce a spatial listening-impression with selectable listening-localisations. It can "arrange" the listening position  in the horizontal plane.  

Goto [FHSp]

learn more about 
the Spatial Mixer [FHSp]®

[FHSp]®/Sp² - Spektral-Spatial MIX

In the spectral-spatial mix, the spectral information (e.g. "musical note over the octaves") is linked to the spatial location.

for the FIRST TIME it is possible to COUPLE:

1 musical pitch <==> 1 direction

Goto [FHSp]/Sp²

Learn more about and 
Spektral-Spatial Mixing with [FHSp]®/Sp²

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  • FHSp-sp2+Octave-Circle+frame-of-space


Head of OGIS

Frank Haferkorn, inventor

Frank Haferkorn, inventor

position Founder, Inventor and Head of Science

description The Diplom Physiker Frank Haferkorn is founder and main inventor of OGIS OatGrain-InnovationS

phone +49 / 176 / 70 311 275

email info(at)OatGrain-InnovationS.de